Crew 82 About

crew8:2 was created through a desire to help people come to the realization they are born for a purpose and not an accident. This bloomed into designing clothing that encourages vision and a JUST BE YOU mantra. Our slogan summarizes the heart of this company as we push to empower every human to be confident in the uniqueness of themselves.

crew8:2 is pronounced Crew Eight Two and stands for Psalm 8:2 which says, “Strength rises up with the chorus of singing children.”  When people find their voice and purpose, there is a strength that rises bringing more love to the planet.  The world becomes a better place when each person awakens to who they were created to be.

crew8:2 will give 10% of all net profits from every single order to be donated to handpicked non-profits aggressively impacting children and other organizations that align with our Just Be You vision.